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Purpose built for competitive energy markets, Powershop provides a proven energy retail innovation, packaged in a differentiated brand that delivers market leading customer growth and unprecedented levels of customer satisfaction.

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Kick-ass idea

The crusty utility industry has forever...

operated under a veil of confusion, preferring to keep customers at an arm’s reach that’s more like the distance from Antarctica to Amsterdam. Powershop started because it was clear there had to be a better way.

Our software allows us to deliver an experience that’s fast, fun, simple and cost-effective. It’s a radical new way for people to buy and control their electricity. And let’s face it, a much better one.

Our Platform

Since we started, we’ve sold over 1,200,000,000 kWh’s of discounted specials to our residential customers

Love Us

Let’s face it — most people don’t seem to like power companies.

However we’ve found putting people in control of their power by giving them choice, deals and information makes them rather fond of you. Just like we are of them. It also means listening to what they have to say — like letting every customer choose what day of the month they pay for their power and how often they want to hear from us.

Our History

It hasn’t been a long road, but we’ve come a long way.

Powershop was launched as a fully owned subsidiary of Meridian Energy Ltd in 2009 and in two years had become New Zealand's fastest ever growing business*. We began with the notion that power could be sold like any other fast-moving consumer good, in different amounts with choice to match people’s various needs and preferences. We focused on the experience to make shopping for electricity easy and enjoyable, and provided the tools people need to understand how much power they use, giving them the control to lower bills.

The ride hasn’t been without its wobbles. When we started, the first few months were slow. We expected people to sign up in droves, begging to be released from the shackles of their existing retailer. In reality, we found traditional retailers had done a superb job of boring their customers into an apathetic, unengaged coma.

Thankfully, people talk. Our customers didn’t just tell their friends about Powershop, they raved to them. Powershop might be the newest kind of retailer but we’ve grown by good old-fashioned word-of-mouth. Word has even spread to Australia, where we launched in April 2012.

* Deloitte Fast 50 Awards 2011

5280% growth

The highest three year revenue growth rate ever recorded in the NZ Deloitte Fast 50.

Our People

Management Team

  • The Punk
  • The Brains
  • The Bacon
  • The Hacker
  • The Footballer

Ari Sargent

Chief Executive

Ari is the New Zealand electricity industry’s resident punk CEO. He might dress like a washed-up DJ, but he has spearheaded the radical transformation of electricity retailing in New Zealand. It’s no surprise, an engineer by training, Ari spent 20 years becoming a veteran square peg in power industry round holes until he had the long-overdue light bulb moment that lead to Powershop. He started cooking up Powershop in 2006, and three years later brought it to market. By 2011, he’d grown his idea into New Zealand’s fastest-ever growing company. He occasionally enjoys raising a finger to industry goliaths, but only when they’re being greedy or stupid. Luckily he’s more courteous to customers and regularly responds personally to their questions via social media. Just don’t tweet him while he’s watching his favourite TV show.

Jim Barrett

Regional Manager UK

Brainy Jim has a PhD in Engineering and has served the electricity industry for over 15 years. He’s Powershop’s energy market integration specialist. Building on his in-depth knowledge of retail operations and customer service, Jim’s big brain led the development of Powershop’s crowning glory, a web application that exceeds all regulatory and technical requirements while remaining easy and enjoyable to use. Having operated a successful retail business in New Zealand using the Powershop platform, Jim was instrumental in taking the platform to Australia and is currently located in Birmingham working with our utility partner to integrate Powershop into the UK market. In a nutshell, Jim is responsible for client success in the UK market.

Umesh Parag

Head of Finance

Powershop’s head of finance wears two hats. The first is pretty massive, with responsibility for maintaining the company’s enviable record of financial performance. The second is even larger and more unusual for a moneyman - his customer hat. He wears it to make sure every penny spent at Powershop will not adversely impact the fair prices Powershop customers pay for their power. Which is why you’re unlikely to see Powershop spending millions of dollars on expensive advertising or a flash waterfront office. Would be nice though, wouldn’t it Umesh?

Brian Bannister

Chief Technology Officer

Brian has been busy. He has rocked across most areas of IT, managing development, security and infrastructure for large companies and smaller startups. Like most successful rockers, he’s certainly gotten around, working for Telecom, Trustpower, ANZ, Xstrata Mines, Qantas, Sun, Hewlett Packard and British Telecom. Indulging his love of start-ups, Brian was drawn to Powershop by its youthful and disruptive appeal. Years later and he’s still on the tour, managing IT strategy and day-to-day running of Powershop's IT staff, system development and server and desktop infrastructure.

Dan Lee

Chief Product Owner

Dan is Powershop New Zealand's Head of Product, and has over 20 years experience in bringing innovation technology solutions to wholesale and retail energy businesses around the globe. Dan is a seasoned internet entrepreneur having founded the internet startup that now forms the core of the Powershop development team, and also founding and selling a service management startup to the Nasdaq listed Citrix (CTXS).

John Journée

Chairman & Independent Director

In addition to his Chairmanship of Powershop, John is currently Executive GM – Business Development with The Warehouse Ltd and non-executive Director of EziBuy Group and Torpedo 7. He is an experienced executive with senior experience in retailing, international sourcing, consumer marketing, new business and strategy development. His retail career includes 4 years as CEO of Noel Leeming Group, 18 years of senior executive roles with The Warehouse Ltd and 5 years of retail consultancy in the UK and NZ. John started his career with LD Nathan’s Woolworth’s Division and also ran a Consumer Electronics importing company for Ceramco Corporation before joining The Warehouse.

Paul Chambers

Paul is Chief Financial Officer of Meridian Energy Ltd. Before taking up his role at Meridian in 2009, Paul was Chief Financial Officer of Transfield Services New Zealand. Paul has extensive senior finance experience in a variety of industries, including ports, manufacturing and retail, both in the UK and France. Paul is a chartered accountant (NZICA and ICAEW). Paul’s team has responsibility for strategy coordination, performance measurement, external reporting, funding, risk management coordination, procurement and financial transaction services for the Meridan Energy Group.

Nic Kennedy

Nic’s experience centres around building and scaling top-performing product development teams in both startup and corporate environments. She is currently the Chief Innovation and Ventures Officer at PwC where she's on a mission to bolster the ability for one of NZ’s most trusted brands to bring great ideas to life. Previously, as the Chief Delivery Officer on the Executive team at Vend, she lead and scaled the product and engineering teams, overseeing a strong growth period while building a top-notch team and an internationally recognised product. Before Vend, she scaled teams at Orion Health and worked in startups and multi-national corporates in Holland and the UK.

Nic likes to dream big and empower others to do the same. She’s passionate about supporting women in business and technology, and helping NZ companies to punch well above their weight internationally.

Board of Directors

  • Jon Journee
  • Paul Chambers
  • Nic Kennedy

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