We are Powershop

Powershop is the world’s first online shop for electricity. Unlike traditional retailers, our software enables our customers to shop for power, get discounts and save money. They see how much they’re using and what it costs before they buy. It’s simple yet radical.

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Make Things Betterer

Smash your own windows

Nothing is sacred when you're transforming an industry. Powershop started with the idea that people could actually like their power company, a first in an industry where customers are known better by the numbers on their bill than their name.

Be beautiful

We give our customers a beautifully designed experience, transforming their power consumption data into tangible insights they can use to take action.

Pick on the bullies

Industry goliaths across the globe are guilty of ignoring the interests of their customers and boring them into an apathetic, unengaged coma. A situation we're hell bent on rectifying.


Front up

We believe actions speak louder than words and never let a dangerous gap open up between what we say and what we actually do. No bullshit. No fuss. No confusion.

Everyone’s on the VIP list

To get people to think differently about a power company, we listen to every customer and act on what they have to say. It’s the reason we outrank all other retailers in customer satisfaction.

Mediocrity is the enemy

Exceptional thinking, collaboration and execution are what we demand from our employees and what our customers expect from us. Our restless pursuit of excellence keeps us delivering products, service and value you won't find anywhere else.

Keep being weird

Respect weirdos

You don’t work with conventional people if you’re breaking convention. Mavericks and misfits, Powershop people have the balls to believe in radically transforming the electricity industry by finding a better way.

Have more parties

Let’s face it. We sell the same electricity as everyone else but collaborating and colliding with each other, and our customers, is what makes us better and makes it fun.

Perpetual motion

Disrupting an industry is a job that’s never done. It’s not just about having one good idea. We’re constantly looking at what the future is and how we’re going to build it.